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Welcome to my website where you can find out more about me, my research, my talks and my writing.

I write historical novels that transport readers to sixteenth century Devon to be inspired by women who must balance duty and love in turbulent times…….

….and I bring the past to life, often appearing as Katherine, the subject of my first novel, in talks all over the county and beyond……

…and I make and wear historical clothing. It’s a great way to connect the people of today with those who went before. Interpreting the past helps us to understand our own time and look towards the future.

Through my research I’ve discovered a cast of fascinating characters and an intriguing network of families whose influence stretched far beyond the west country. I love telling their stories.

I hope you enjoy exploring my website which I update regularly. Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions and do sign up for my newsletter to keep in touch and receive a free preview copy of short story "The Alabaster Angel".

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A Woman of Noble Wit

A Woman of Noble Wit

Publication: Sept. 28, 2021

Few women of her time lived to see their name in print. But Katherine was no ordinary woman. She was Sir Walter Raleigh’s mother, and she inspired her sons to follow their dreams.

As the daughter of a Devon family with close connections to the glittering court of King Henry VIII, Katherine’s duty is clear. Still a girl, she starts a new life at Greenway Court on the River Dart. She settles into the life of a dutiful wife and mother until a chance shipboard encounter with a handsome privateer, turns her world upside down.…..

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Dressing my Lady

Layer by layer, a sixteenth century lady prepares for the day.

Who was Kat Ashley? Kat and Katherine.........................

September 26, 2021

Who was Kat Ashley?  Kat and Katherine…..

It’s well known that a woman called Kat (Katherine)  …

Puffed and paned sleeves

September 10, 2021

Puffed and paned sleeves

Let’s delve into the coffer and take a look …

John Raleigh of Forde – a Newton Abbot connection

September 09, 2021

John Raleigh of Forde - a Newton Abbot connection

The girl she called granddaughter was …

Book signing at the Ivybridge Bookshop - 14 October 2021

October 15, 2021

Book signing at the Ivybridge Bookshop - 14 October 2021

Captivating inner love story

October 14, 2021 | A Woman of Noble Wit

This book was my whole life for about a week. I fully enjoyed the Tudor aspect but the inner love …

I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful wonderful book about the life of Katherine Raleigh.

October 11, 2021 | A Woman of Noble Wit

I admittedly love most Historical Fiction that is set in and around the Tudor period, especially when it is from …

A Sixteenth Century Wardrobe Unlocked

July 19, 2021