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I've been researching Devon's sixteenth-century history for years and I've discovered a cast of fascinating characters and an intriguing network of families whose influence stretched far beyond the west country. I love telling the stories of the forgotten women of history – the women beyond the royal court; wives, sisters, daughters and mothers who played their part during those tumultuous Tudor years: the Daughters of Devon.

My novel A Woman of Noble Wit tells the story of Katherine Champernowne, Sir Walter Raleigh’s mother, and features many of the county’s well-loved places.

I also create and wear sixteenth-century clothing, a passion which complements my love for bringing the past to life through a unique blend of theatre, history and re-enactment. My appearances and talks for museums and community groups all over the West Country draw on extensive research into sixteenth-century Devon, Tudor life and particularly Tudor and Elizabethan, dress. 

Out of costume, I lead heritage tours of the gardens at Dartington Hall, a fourteenth-century manor house and now a visitor destination and charity supporting learning in arts, ecology and social justice.

I hope you enjoy exploring my website. You'll find lots of articles on Devon history and sixteenth century costume and snippets from my research in my Blog.

It's worth popping back now and then as I update my website regularly.

I'd love to hear from you - please use the contact form for comments and questions, or to book a talk.

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The Dartington Bride

The Dartington Bride

March 28, 2024

The Dartington Bride tells the extraordinary story of Lady Gabrielle Roberda Montgomery, a woman who, after a childhood in war-torn France, came to England to marry into one of Devon’s most prominent and well connected families. Like most women of her time Roberda must be a good wife, run a large household and produce a son and heir.

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A Woman of Noble Wit

A Woman of Noble Wit

Sept. 28, 2021

Few women of her time lived to see their name in print. But Katherine was no ordinary woman. She was Sir Walter Raleigh’s mother, and she inspired her sons to follow their dreams.

As the daughter of a Devon family with close connections to the glittering court of King Henry VIII, Katherine’s duty is clear. Still a girl, she starts a new life at Greenway Court on the River Dart. She settles into the life of a dutiful wife and mother until a chance shipboard encounter with a handsome privateer, turns her world upside down.…..

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The Dartington Bride

The latest in my Daughters of Devon series

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Author success story - a case study

January 15, 2024

Author success story - a case study

5.0 out of 5 stars Her story was almost forgotten in the mists of time until now...

December 17, 2023 | A Woman of Noble Wit

Rosemary Griggs brings a welcome breath of fresh air to the historical novel, avoiding the commerci…

Well written story giving interest to history

October 14, 2023 | A Woman of Noble Wit

A brilliant 1st novel, well worth reading. Rosemary Griggs obviously put much time and thought into…

The Dartington Bride

February 17, 2024