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A Woman of Noble Wit

Oct. 7, 2021, 2:02 p.m. A review for 'A Woman of Noble Wit', by Karen Jackson

I really enjoyed this novel, particularly the chance to revisit the history of the Tudor court, and the religious conflict of that age, through the less-familiar prism of a Devon family. Katherine-Kate is a well self-educated, dutiful wife and mother who encourages the love of learning in her children. I remember especially how she encourages one son to read.
She is so vividly drawn that she became, for me, a friend whose well-being was important for me. I stood with her through her sorrows and hardships, which she valiantly survived, and then in her happiness to make the progress so unusual for a woman of her time. She has stayed with me long after the book was finished. This is by turns a wonderful, exciting, fulfilling read.