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A woman of Noble Wit - Audiogram

Listen to a short clip from my historical novel which is available as an audiobook from your favourite retailer.

Mothering Sunday in Tudor England

Follow Bessie as she goes a Mothering wearing her best woolen cap

Soul Cakes

On all Hallows Eve Bessie the serving maid has been making soul cakes. The tradition of making these spiced cakes marked with a cross goes back to medieval times. Children and poor people would go from house to house "souling" - begging for cakes in return for prayers or songs. David Griggs sings a very old" souling" song.

A Sixteenth Century Wardrobe Unlocked

St Nicholas Priory Exeter - Lunchtime lecture - 7 July 2021

Dressing my Lady

Layer by layer, a sixteenth century Lady prepares for the day.